No-Nonsense Docker Commands for Developers

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No-Nonsense Docker Commands for Developers

Discover the simplicity of Docker with our guide on "No-Nonsense Docker Commands for Developers." Streamline your container workflow effortlessly and boost your development game with straightforward, practical instructions.

Build Image :

Build an image from a Dockerfile:

docker build -t <image-name>:<tag>

Build an image with a specific Dockerfile:

docker build -f <Dockerfile-name> -t <image-name>:<tag>

List Images :

List all Docker images:

docker images

Pull Image :

Pull a Docker image from a registry:

docker pull <image-name>:<tag>

Remove Image

Remove a Docker image:

docker rmi <image-name>:<tag>

Run Container

Run a container from an image:

docker run <image-name>:<tag>

Run a container in detached mode

docker run -d <image-name>:<tag>

List Containers

List all running containers:

docker ps

List all containers (including stopped ones):

docker ps -a

Stop Container

Stop a running container:

docker stop <container-id>

Remove Container

Remove a stopped container:

docker rm <container-id>

Remove a running container:

docker rm -f <container-id>

Exec Into Container

Execute a command inside a running container interactively:

docker exec -it <container-id> <command>


Display the logs of a specific container:

docker logs <container-id>

Network Management

List all Docker networks:

docker network ls

Volume Management

List all Docker volumes:

docker volume ls

Docker Compose

Run containers defined in a Compose file:

docker-compose up

Run containers in detached mode and rebuild images:

docker-compose up -d --build

Stop and remove containers, networks, and volumes defined in a Compose file:

docker-compose down

Scale a service to the specified number of instances:

docker-compose scale <service-name>=<num-instances>

Validate and view the Compose file:

docker-compose config


In conclusion, you're now armed with the coolest Docker commands—no nonsense, just pure developer magic. Go forth and containerize like a pro! Whether you're a coding ninja or just getting started, these tricks will keep your projects sailing smoothly. Happy coding, fellow devs!